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Table-top RPGs, card games, computer games and hard-to-pronounce words. Website currently a work in progress.


31/August/2016:Added section for fiction. Read me on Wattpad!

30/May/2016: Added Twitter links, because I guess Twitter is necessary. Blech.

27/May/2016: Website went fully live.



A co-operative deck-building game

Roleplaying games

Original tabletop games

Roleplaying games

Original sci-fi and fantasy fiction

Feng Shui

Fan content


Fan games written with DizzyAGE

About Me

I write games. As a means of finishing writing games, I took to making a pledge to publish them by a deadline. I ground out quite a few tabletop RPGs, some of which are pretty sweet. I've also written a couple of computer games using free engines and started publishing a card game.