Fan games for the classic Spectrum icon

The Dizzy series of games were the closest the Spectrum home computer got to a 'mascot' series of games. The cartoonish puzzle-platformers were a very long-running series that got ports to quite a number of different platforms for the era.

The Dizzy Adventure Game EngineDizzyAGE — is an easy-to-use scripting engine and map editor that lets you create your own games in the Dizzy mould.

Here are a couple that I have written.

Lost Temple Dizzy

A mysterious illness has struck the Yolkfolk and Dizzy must travel to a dangerous temple to discover the cure!

Lost Temple Dizzy 1.0


Complete map

Iron Tower Dizzy

Just after helping the Yolkfolk recover from a deadly disease, Dizzy finds himself kidnapped! For once, he seems to have been the target rather than his beloved Daisy. Who is behind this, Evil Wizard Zaks, or someone else? What is the secret of the Iron Tower?

Iron Tower Dizzy 1.04