Heroic, co-operative deck-building.

Bulwark is a card game for 1 to 4 players. Each player takes on the role of a hero defending a helpless settlement from an invading army. The players must marshall their unique hero abilities and the resources of the settlement to drive the enemy away.


All Bulwark sets can be purchased from Drivethru Cards. They are available as both Print-n-Play sheets and fully printed and cut sets.

Base Set: 3 Heroes, 1 Location, 2 Foe decks, Wound deck
Winter of Death (base set2): 1 Hero, 3 Locations, 2 Foe decks
Travails of the Arcane (XP1): 3 Heroes, 1 Location, 1 Foe deck
Blood-Soaked Plains (XP2): 1 Hero, 2 Locations, 2 Foe decks, Extra wounds
Twisty Passages (XP3): 2 Heroes, 1 Location, 2 Foe decks, cards for solo play
Panic on the Streets (XP4): 3 Heroes, 1 Location, 3 Foe decks
Judgement of the Earthmother (XP5): 2 Heroes, 1 Location, 3 Foe decks
A Few Wounds More: 6 additional wound cards


Rules for each product can be downloaded from the product page; they can also be downloaded from here. There is also a complete rules document incorporating all the new rules introduced by the released expansions.

Articles about strategy and specific types of cards can also be found here.